Into twenty thirteen

New Years Resolutions are for those people that generally have no willpower or motivation. Unfortunately, I  am one of those people. However, it is not because my personality lacks those qualities- It is down to a little thing that goes by the name of  'University'. So here is the resolution: do not neglect the blog! You love the blog!

As we leave 2012 in a distant memory, we enter 2013 with high hopes and aspirations for the next 12 months. I for one have a lot to be excited about, this year means the end of my student financial crisis & will see me graduate as a Physiotherapist *beams with joy*. The end of my student financial crisis will mean I can jet off to pretty much anywhere that I desire this summer. Coachella is a strong contender!

Although we are only 4 days into 2013 it's already shaping up to be a cracking year.
My major vice in life is music, sweet, sweet music.

A few names to look out for in 2013:


Jai Paul

First Aid Kit


 Sign up to Spotify (if you haven't already!) to make sure you're in the know with this years new music, for free!

On the 2nd day of the New Year I bought some awesome boots in the Office sale.

These studded numbers are destined to see me through puddle upon puddle whilst maintaining my so called 'style'. Not dissimilar to the ones Chloe produced

I think you'll agree that £35 from £80 is a decent markdown!

Until next week....have a great weekend and tell me all about your New Year plans!


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  1. Good luck with your New Years Reso, it's also mine (we have been shamed together) ha!

    Also loving Jai Paul & Haim, seen some awesome tracks from them last year! x

  2. Haha it is sooo nice to hear that I am not alone in this! I feel I have betrayed my blog! Thanks Ashleigh :) I can't wait to get to some gigs this year! xx

  3. Those shoes are lovely! and is spotify free? i'd love to sign up and listen to them!
    Im a new follower and i was just wondering if you could check out my blog, if you get the chance?
    olivia xxx

  4. Hi Olivia! Spotify is FREE! There is an option to pay per month so you can have unlimited access to the latest music but....I just use the free one :) Thank you for stopping by to read my blog :) I will head over to yours now!

    Lindsey xx

  5. I have been after a pair of these boots in leather for forever but nowhere has my size :(

    Great blog - now following - be great to follow each other.


  6. Ah no! Good luck with the search, I got mine from Preston, they have only just opened and Preston is such a small town- I'd ring them if I were you! They had loads left!

    I'll follow you back :) xx


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