New buys: Spring ready

Shopping. Every bloggers vice. The pang of excitement I get when I see new stock, new colours and more importantly/alarmingly, fall asleep pairing outfits and accessories in my head, never ever goes away. As I get ready to attend the Vogue Fashion Festival in April, my mind jumps to what to wear, on a daily basis, if I'm being honest. I now have too many options of what to wear, I've stupidly managed to create a good 6 options, all of which I want to take with me but I think I'd be setting myself up for mega STRESS if I did that.  I wandered into Manchester and picked up a couple of colour blocking must haves to see how they might change the current 6 options!

 I am in love with trainers at the moment, you will see my collection creep into outfit posts more and more. These Reebok Classics take me back to my teens! I always find amazing buys in TK MAXX. 

 This oversized clutch is so chic and is perfect for adding a pop of colour to any monochrome outfit. It's faux animal hair too so it feels good and looks pretty cool. I can't wait to use it!

Trainers- Reebok Classics at TK MAXX £15
Clutch- Zara £39

Have you been buying ready for Spring?

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