House of Sunny

I've been really looking forward to sharing this brand with you all, and it's the most passionate I've felt about a brand in a while. House of Sunny, designers of my favourite kind. Beautifully finished, clean cut and oversized pieces are what you can expect from this coveted brand, whom have already dressed Miley Cyrus & Made in Chelsea stars Louise Thompson & Rosie Fortescue, in addition to being featured in Italian Vogue, Drapers & Dazed Magazine amongst other leading fashion publications. 

I wanted to find out more about my dream brand, so I asked Sunny herself a few questions:

L: Talk me through what lead you to start House of Sunny
S: A mixture of things, looking through magazines, Vogue when I was young, business and motivational speakers and influences of music and the way people wear style everyday around East London was all very inspiring.

L: Describe House of Sunny in 3 words
S: Clean High-octane.
L: Name the biggest inspiration behind your brand
S: The Olsen twins and oversized menswear on women.
L: Who would you like to see wearing your brand?
S: Ha! The Olsen twins. 
L: Where do you see House of Sunny in 3 years time?
S: Department stores, in a range of wardrobes, and doing a  bigger more exciting luxe line along with a range of products and a perfume.

I have been lucky enough to be sent what can only be described as my favourite jumper, The Volume Mono.It's everything I love about oversized pieces, it's oversized and it fits perfectly, not to mention the beautiful luxe material.

Get your Volume Mono jumper here 
Worn with Zara skinny leather pants and ASOS chunky heels.

Do you love oversized pieces?

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  1. Loving the heels hun. Yay get to see you next week!


  2. Love love all three pieces x

  3. Great post babes! super interesting interview and of course you look amazing!!! x


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