leather on leather

Leather is quite possibly my favourite material. Soft and buttery or tough and structured, I really don't mind. I thought I'd put 2 of my favourite leather pieces together since one is patent and the other, matt. I like simplicity and not having to try too hard to make an outfit work- I like pieces I can wear as I see them and not have to start popping things under and over them - lazy, I know. 
Generally, the shape of these pieces is pretty boxy, which I love, although sometimes it would be nice to be confident enough to slip into something a little more fitted!

Neckace- Claire's
Skirt- Vintage from eBay
Shoes- Office

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  1. Looking very beautiful Linds & loving your leather on leather, you've got it down to a 'T'. Always look forward to your posts :) xxx

  2. Amazing!! Got to love leather, it's so my fave material too :)

    The Fashion Rubiks

    thefashionrubiks.blogspot.co.uk <3 x x

  3. you look stunning, great outfit!


  4. Oooh that top is gorgeous! xx



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