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The lovely girls at Pegasus PR were kind enough to send me a gorgeous bundle of products to try. My skin was crying out for some TLC and these two little gems have brought my skin back to life. In my job, I have to wash my hands so many times a day that I struggle to keep my hands moisturised. My face has been a little hormonal of late and super hard to control!
This beautiful body oil is light, smells divine and is one of the best nourishing products I have ever used. Especially on my hands at night! The aromatherapy element to the oil is lovely and relaxing so I always use before bed to help me drop off to sleep.
This bee venom Manuka Doctor face mask is absolutely incredible. I've been using it twice per week and my skin feels a million miles from where it was 4 weeks ago. I have combination skin and this mask helps to balance and keep pesky spots at bay. I'd really recommend this to anyone who needs to give their skin a good overhaul! You can pick it up in the larger Boots stores and it seems to last a good while as its a light paste and not a cream.

I hope this has helped some of you out!

Thank you so much for reading.

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