New York in January requires a lot of tactical layering. I *had* to buy new clothes just to make sure I was warm enough. Aside from looking 10 stone heavier than I actually am under all that fur, I was pretty warm! On this day I walked for miles, in the horrible slush, but it was super sunny and such a beautiful day that I had kind of forgotten about the painful cold biting at my face. New York is such an inspiring place to just walk, keep walking and then walk a little further, taking it all in. I didn't even feel like I wanted to drown out the city by listening to music as I walked, it would have detracted from my experience I think. I liked the sounds that accompanied "the city that never sleeps" and in a strange way, it gave me time to think.

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I hope you've got a wonderful weekend planned.
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  1. That fur coat looks so cosy. Perfect for strolling around NYC I would imagine! xx

    Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog

  2. Loving this outfit, that coat is perfection Lindsey! You look wonderful x

  3. love the layering ! your coat is so gorgeous, you look absolutely amazing x

    CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

  4. Loving all the layering in this look! Such a babe aint ya <3 xx

  5. I love the layering! Especially the cute little denim jacket. Glad to hear you had such a lovely time in NYC. xx

  6. That fur coat is everything!

  7. Love love love this! So glad I have just found your blog xx


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